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Independents Week

| Caketini |

Posted on June 27 2019

From June 29th through July 7th, celebrate Independents Week and independent businesses by using your Golden Coupon at Caketini for 20% off all items at all our locations. From cupcakes, Caketini Truffles to Cake Orders placed during this week. Have a future event that you need a cake for? Stop by during Independents week and get 20% off on any cakes ordered!

Did you know that when you spend your money at a locally owned business, up to four times more of your dollars stay and circulates throughout the local economy? This creates local jobs, strengthens local services like police and libraries, and creates vibrant and unique communities that we are proud to call home.

Get the Golden Coupon at the Local First Arizona website, you can download it to your smartphone! 

You can use your Golden Coupon at hundreds of local businesses across Arizona this week. And thanks for making a difference in your community by choosing to support local businesses!