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Press Coffee Roasters

Michael Monoscalco

Posted on May 14 2017

Even though we are well known for being a dessert destination, many people don't realize we have an espresso bar in each of our three locations. Caketini always was meant to be a destination place for people to come to who enjoyed a good atmosphere and quality desserts and coffee. 

Cathy & I were never big coffee drinkers but we knew dessert. We were lucky enough to get in contact with someone who was passionate about coffee as we were desserts. We came in contact with Steve Krause from Press Coffee. After meeting him and his passion for his industry we knew this would be a good match and someone we could rely on to make sure we were keeping up to his standards. 

Press Coffee was recently named best coffee in Arizona by the Food Network and Food & Wine Magazine. They will be opening there 5th & 6th location in the next few months to go along with their local roastery in Phoenix. 

Stop by Caketini to get a taste of what Press Coffee is all about or stop by one of their locations and try the full array of offerings....including Caketini desserts.